....................In your hands is the power of the empire...............

....................In    your    hands    is    the    power    of    the    empire...............

Permaculture Social Course - Italia

Permaculture Social Course - Italia
Join us to know all about Permaculture
Permaculture is to live in harmony with nature providing for human needs and the needs of the ecosystems

Urban Permaculture Workshop in Fuerteventura Island

On Sunday, 10th of April we were invited to Fuerteventura Island for an Urban Permaculture Workshop. We were promoting and raising awareness about the care of nature and people.

This time, it was in an old cultural association, El Casino, where they are working on improving the management of the site through a bottom- up methodology. 
As a community project, we organized some dynamic games for participants expose their needs about green spaces and to define the "guardians" of the gardens.

 For one day, we talked about and practiced permaculture for a group of people that haven't heard about it before... 

We also transformed one of the outside spaces as an example of how they can start to design and make real the gardens. 
It is just about creativity and initiative!! 

Due to limited free space in the cities, getting a piece of land for making a garden is really a challenge. 
A vertical one seems to be always a good option...  ;)  
For the whole installation, we re- used some wasted materials found in a storage room of El Casino.

Children were the most excited and wanted to be part of it, too.

 Fuerteventura is the dryest and warmest island of the Canaries, so we had to choose local flowers, fruits and vegetables that don't need to be watered very often and we looked for a half-shade wall in the patio.



We hope, after some months, passion fruits are hanging in the structure while covering the whole wall, zucchinis are growing around the place and more plants are flowering. 
Thanks to all the participants of El Casinoabierto and Fasebase collective for the invitation.

We were even filmed by local Tindaya TV.

See you soon!!

To see more about adventure in Fuerteventura click HERE.

Permaculture Courses by the New School Permaculture

The New School Permaculture is a non formal school with the vision to create harmonious social and ecological learning environments.

Our Mission is to focus our energy on researching and developing 

sustainable educational methods to inspire active elements of change in this world.

The intention with our courses is to empower our students so that 

they become more connected with their dreams and passions and 
more aware about how to create beneficial connections that will 
contribute to our local and global dreams.

All courses are taught by Helder Valente and by the New School Permaculture team and most of them are at Atlantis Food Forest .

PDC - Permaculture Design Course

The PDC is based on the ethics and principles of Permaculture: earth care, people care and fair share, providing practical solutions to the global crises we are currently facing.

Permaculture is a sustainable design system that provides for human needs while having positive effects on the surrounding environment. 

The subjects covered during the PDC include:

The ethics and principles of Permaculture

Learning strategies
Educational Methods
Reading the landscape
Pattern in design
Water preservation
Forest and trees
Soils building
Buildings and natural construction
Community development
Alternative economies


Past courses:

To know more about the PDC click HERE

For 2016 we will have 2 PDC at Atlantis Food Forest

FFC - Food Forest Course

On the FFC you will learn about forest gardening and how to develop and maintain a food forest. 

The concepts that you will learn can applyed on any other climate of the world.

The subjects covered during the FFC include:

Agro ecology
Food Forest creation and management
How to combine fruits and veggies
Plants and tres species
How, when and where to plant
Climate zones
Social forests

To know more about the FFC click HERE

For 2016 we will have 2 FFC at Atlantis Food Forest - Spain

Food Forest Course 13 - 17 July 2016

PSC - Permaculture Social Course

The SPC is designed to be useful to anyone who interacts with others. So unless you are a hermit, that´s you! 

You will learn how to design and take care for ourselves, our communities and the planet.

The subjects covered during the PSC include:

Positive communication

Intentional communities
Social organisation
Conflict resolution
Project management
Decision making
Power of celebration
Alternative economies
New School Education

To know more about the PSC click HERE

For 2016 we will have a PSC at Tertulia Farm - Florence - Italy


PTC - Permaculture Teacher  Course

In TPC you will learn about what are the main patterns in education and how to manage them in a way that the students get empowered. 

How to design a lesson and a classroom, how to develop a course, 

promotion and preparations, hosting and celebration. 

How to teach a PDC or any other course of any kind and how to make  a living out of it, supporting the needs of nature and of people. 

The subjects covered during the PTC include:

Class vision
Learning styles
Schools social systems
Learning strategies
Education Methods
Social pattern in Design
PDC and courses content 

To know more about the PTC click HERE

For 2016 we will have a PTC at Tertulia Farm 

PIV - Permaculture Island Visits

To know more about the PIV click HERE
For 2016 we will have 2 PIV starting at Atlantis Food Forest.

To know more about our activities:


 Leave a comment below the post so that we know what you loved (or didn’t!)

New School Permaculture Team Members

Helder Valente was born in Portugal very connected with the mediterranean landscape, Early on his age it became very logical to become a permaculture teacher, and after completing his studies with Bill Mollison he decided to go and support the implementation of permaculture schools in other climates of the world. Deeper observer of nature and curious about the sustainable human practices used in different climates, he developed the passion to work with indigenous people in the Amazon and in the Andes while researching about learner based educational tools. Helder is now  managing the butterfly sanctuary project at Atlantis Food Forest Garden in the island of Tenerife and its the Course Director with the New School Permaculture.

Juan Siverio

Jezabel Mejias is a spanish architect focused on bioconstruction, farm design and urban sociology. For several years, she has gained experience in Latinamerica, in places like Nicaragua, Argentina and Brasil, participating in social projects and building with local resources, at the same time with raising awareness about the environmental changes. Currently, she is one of the research focalizers and communication director at Atlantis Food Forest Garden. As an educator, she is also a member of the New School Permaculture team and a researcher on new educational practices.

How to make your own natural tobaco and wich plants to use?

Ive been making my own tobaco for many years now, trying to use the permaculture principles and become self suficient in smoke...this are some of the plants i use.


Tabaco is a classic smokers plant...easy to grow depending on the climate, but hard to dry and process. In the amazon they had their own wild variety called mapacho NICOTINA RUSTICA

Mint (Mentha)

I used to smoke mint mixed with tobacco in the amazon jungle...it was my favorite



Cammomile will give you a great flavour, using the flowers will make you feel verry relaxed.


Eucalypt tree


Just put a little of eucaliptus in your mix it will give a nice flavour to it.

 Árnica (Arnica montana L.)

No es de extrañar que la árnica aparezca en esta sección de las plantas fumables si tenemos en cuenta que uno de sus sinónimos es el de tabaco de montaña. La primera vez que se cita a la árnica es en el siglo XII por Santa Hildegarda. Se encuentra en altitudes que van de los 700 a 2500 metros. Es precisamente cerca de lagos de montaña donde se la encuentra abundantemente en ciertas montañas pirenaicas. propiedades conocidas son las de estimular el sistema nervioso y el cerebro. Macerando sus flores en aceite de oliva obtenemos un remedio eficaz y muy conocido por muchas personas del campo contra los golpes con hematomas o torcedoras. Paises como Suecia, Rusia y Francia la utilizaban a manera de fumación. Según el Dr. A. Cuenot "Su toxicidad es muy inferior a la del tabaco. La recolección tiene lugar después de la floración. Dada la toxicidad de la flor, conviene conservar las hojas. Se las puede fumar secas, pero la fermentación mejora su aroma, bastante parecido al del tabaco. Esta ennegrece las hojas y produce un tabaco negro de olor dulce y agradable. No solamente puede ser fumada la planta, sino que reducida a polvo, las hojas son estornutatorias, pudiendo ser tomadas solas o mezcladas con tabaco a modo de rapé".

Artemisa común (Artemisia vulgaris L.)

También llamada tabaco de San Pedro. En la Edad Media gozaba de propiedades abortivas y emenagoga. Hoy en día no se le discuten sus excelentes resultados contra la amenorrea. Sus hojas se recolectan antes de la floración. La artemisa ha sido utlizada como sucedáneo del tabaco. Fournier comenta: "La artemisa y la bardana son, desde hace siglos, fumadas por los mongoles. La artemisa ha recibido en Francia y Bélgica el nombre bastante significativo de tabaco de San Pedro. Tiene un olor débil, contiene poco aceite esencial, sobre todo de tanino y materias resinosas; no alcaloide, posee un sabor fuertemente amargo... Aunque su aceite esencial a altas dosis pueda ser considerado tóxico, el hecho es que fumada, la artemisa resulta prácticamente inofensiva, lo que le conferiría una inmensa superioridad ante el tabaco... si tuviera su aroma".

Salvia Officinalis





Damiana (Turnera Difusa) 


I use some dry rose petals to give a nice smell to the mix.

It was also used in the Amazon as another component of the mapachos...gives a delicious flavour

Datura sanguinea

We were also finding the leaves of this datura in the Amazon...converted into cigarrets, not many people liked them and it is considered one of the strongest spirits in the plant world...so treat it gently ;)

Adormidera (Papaver somniferum L.)

Possible to smoke but only as a medicine.

 Beleño negro (Hyoscyamus niger L.)
Llamada también hierba loca. Despide un olor desagradable. Se trata de una planta muy tóxica y estupefaciente. Forma parte de algunas pócimas de brujerías. Contiene alcaloides. Es sedante, hipnótico, antiespasmódico, antineurálgico y antiasmático. Se utiliza contra el delirio.
 Bardana común (Arctium lappa L., Arctium majus L.)

 Sus hojas se recolectan antes de la floración de la planta y se secan a la sombra en lugar seco. Contiene inulina, azúcar, mucílago, tanino, resinas, principio amargo, aceite esencial, sulfatos y fosfatos de potasio y magnesio. La bardana posee propiedades diuréticas, sudoríficas, laxantes, antivenenosa, depurativa de la sangre y antidiabética. Está indicada en la gota, los abscesos, dermatosis, rubeola, reumas, diabetes, litiasis urinaria y mordeduras de víboras. Como planta fumada P. Fournier comenta: "Se debe a sus vastas dimensiones el lugar que ocupa, ya que nos recuerdan a las hojas del tabaco... no existiendo en sus grandes hojas diseñadas para liar magníficos puros ningún elemento nocivo." Sus hoas se mezclaban con la artemisa para fumar en pipa.

 Alga o Fuco (Fucus vesiculosus L.)

También denominada lechuga marina. El nombre latín vesiculosus viene de vesícula haciendo alusión a las grandes redondeces llenas de aire que le permiten flotar. Es planta abundante en las islas británicas y en el océano Atlántico. Contiene vitaminas C, B y E, principios amargos, aceite esencial de magnesio, potasio, hierro, sodio, calcio, sílice, bromuro y yodo. Goza de propiedades adelgazantes, nutritivas, antireumáticas, antipaperas o bocio, y antiasmáticas. Se trata de una planta muy recomendable contra el asma, la obesidad, la gota, el reumatismo y las heridas de mala cicatrización en cuyo caso se recomienda mezclarla con el equisetum arvense. Es incompatible cuando se ingiere cerveza y harinas. El fucus desecado se utilizaba como sucedáneo del tabaco fumado a manera de cigarrillo o en pipa. Los cigarrillos de fuco, aconsejados contra la tisis, se preparaban con hojas de fuco a las que a veces se añaden hojas de estramonio y de salvia.

Alem destas plantas pode-se fumar tambem salva, malva, damiana, eucalipto, rosa, canela, camomila, valeriana, hortela, lotus, e nevea dos gatos.

Esta publicação está em construção se conheceres mais plantas alem destas partilha ; )

Your comments are very apreciated

Your comments are very apreciated
Permaculture is to create paradise on earth starting at the kitchen garden

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